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My brother in-law was there and he received Wonderful care and staff was very caring and compassionate. Would highly recommend
Kara Reeves
My brother in law was there and received great, attentive care. Would highly recommend Royal Oaks to others.
Kev Nicholas
My mom is there for rehab and the staff is caring and the place is clean. She will be there several months and we are happy she is getting good care as is she. Thank you Royal Oak!!
Sandra Stanford
After my surgery at the hospital, I came to Royal Oaks just because of the location. I had no idea that I now have a new family here. It was a little rocky at first,however, the team(family members) went above and beyond normal expectations to obtain medications I needed. Everyone who is employed here has been good to me, that is why I say I have found a new family. If you ever need to come to a rehab nursing home...I suggest that you come to Royal Oaks and meet the family!
Maureen Dougherty
My father was at Royal Oak Nursing and Rehab in August of 2021 during very challenging times after a hospitalization from complications of covid. When he left the hospital, he could barely take 2 steps at bedside. It took 2 people, maximum assistance just to get him from bed to chair. When he left Royal Oak, he was very close to his baseline and could walk again with minimal assistance. The care he received from ALL the therapies and entire staff was incredible. He was treated with dignity and respect as was his family. I work in the medical field and have seen and heard [almost] it all. I highly recommend and thank Royal Oak
Kelley Puskus
My brother has Parkinson’s & fell and broke his hip. After a longer than usual hospital stay I was very worried about his recovery. After just 2 days he is already better- staff is delivering medicine consistently ( hospital struggled with that), staff is attentive. There is just a short time when you push a call button before somebody comes, as opposed to 30 minute wait at the hospital. It is well kept and pretty here & the food is good. My brother is much more at home here.
I've had multiple family members stay with Royal Oaks. Absolutely an amazing facility and staff.
Brad Garra
In this past year, I've had many occasions to be at Royal Oaks visiting family and friends. I was impressed by the caring staff. Always courteous to patients and their visitors. The ratio of staff to patients, allows for more individual care. I would recommend Royal Oaks to anyone who needs the type of services Royal Oaks offers.
Ann Rafferty
Best place for my mom.
Carmen Hudson
My name is Colleen and I'm employed by the Royal Oaks Nursing and Rehab. A few years ago my mother had a fall and came to Royal Oaks for rehab. I wanted her there because I knew she would get excellent care. We work as a team with one goal in mind to make your stay with us a good one. I would recommend Royal Oaks to all my family and friends.
Colleen Tatarsky
Eric and his employees are at the top of their game. Very much enjoyed my visit here. Family is in good hands.
Mark Watkins
My father was admitted last year for rehab. The staff was wonderful. His nurses always joked with him since he is a jokester on days that he wasn’t in the best mood. They also understood the food was good and the care and the rehab was excellent.
Christine K
Great , clean facility. I send patients here all the time. Staff and Eric are fantastic. Awesome experience!
robert mcshane
I have had the pleasure of working with the staff at Royal Oaks for 18 years. There is not a more caring group of individuals around. I would not hesitate to trust them with the care for my loved one.
Jamie D
I’ve been employed at Royal Oaks since February 2006 with a short intermission in 2012 for illness in the family. This has been the most rewarding job that I’ve ever had and most days it doesn’t even seem like a job it’s like spending time with family. I would recommend this facility to anyone in need of great care !!
Kathy Alexander
My husband receives great care and attention from this Center!
Vittoria Santucci
I want to thank all the staff who is working aside with my mom , you guys are my 5 star … I observed your work ethic and your kindness, I'm very grateful , thank you
sonia padilla
The place is clean and secure. Precautions are taken for contagious patients to help avoid spreading disease. The staff is courteous and ready to answer any questions and discuss treatments. Management is eager to hear any concerns the patients or their family may have. We recommend Royal Oaks Rehab.
Charles Parrish
Royal Oaks N&R is a top notch facility with a staff & administrator that is dedicated & caring for their residents. I’ve visited many Nursing & Rehabs in Brevard, Seminole & Volusia counties, being that I find assisted living for those who need it & this is by far one of the best! Keep up the good work
Al Silvera
Royal Oaks Nursing and Rehab is the best skilled nursing facility in Titusville. The staff is very attentive, friendly and personal with you. I always recommend your facility to anyone in need of skilled nursing. I have provided at home care for many clients that have been at the facility and they always rave about the therapy program!
Shannon Rink
The care given to my father was compassionate and outstanding. The cleanest rehab I have ever visited. The employees were friendly and cohesive.
Colleen Dunbar
What a great group of people. I’ve been using for over two years now to get my elderly parents to various appointments each week and we couldn’t be happier.
Jason Dolan
Wonderful SNF! These types of facilities are not always this nice, but the facility and the people here are top notch!
Richard Phelan
My mom was in need of care after a pickle ball injury. Her treatment was stellar to say the least. I would highly recommend.
Sonya Fronckowiak
Stellar is always on time and courteous.
Elia Twigg
An exceptional facility - the team, from Administration to Staff, go above and beyond for patients. Communication is performed with efficiency, pride and urgency. The patients are their primary focus and their commitment to ensure each patients’ needs are addressed is admirable. Striving for perfection despite the challenges we face in healthcare today is commendable. Thank you all for working so hard. The community needs you.
Kevat Patel
My Grandmother has recently been a short term patient after a hip replacement and my great aunt is a long term resident at Royal Oak. Both units are clean, with amazing staff and even friendly residents. This place doesn’t present as a nursing home when you walk in like other facilities around. They offering restaurant style dining for lunch and recently started dinner some evenings. They have multiple activities offered daily and they even have their own Ice cream parlor and hair salon! From admission to discharge it has been an easy process. Would 10/10 recommend!
Lauren Hayes
We have been very pleased with the care my Dad has been given and the staff has been very helpful
Bonnie Nugent
I was recently an outpatient at Royal Oaks Nursing and Rehab Center for stroke rehabilitation. I had the pleasure of working with Jody in physical therapy and he was outstanding. He was very knowledgable of the of my needs to reach maximum reco ery!
Debra Bishop
I can not show my appreciation enough to Royal Oak Facility ! While my father was in there for sometime, the entire staff did an amazing job keeping him comfortable and feeling welcome as well as the other residents! A really great facility and very professional ! Thank you again Royal Oak
Kevin Puskus
Great staff! Eric the director super friendly, super personable. An A for the food and cleanliness.
Kathy Landen
Excellent detail to attention of staff, with caring and compassion for the patients and residents. Physical therapy staff were very knowledgeable and professional.
Tracy Slaughter
I came to Royal Oaks to train with Christina for my new job at another facility. Christina was very helpful and knowledgeable including very well organized. The management team was very welcoming and willing to answer any questions I had. The facility was beautiful and very clean. Thanks for having me
Monica Grossinger
Wonderful staff and expert care. Can’t find a better facility.
Ed Reyes
Royal Oak Nursing and Rehab Center deserves the 5 stars rating due to the care and concern the medical and administrative staff tend to their patients. Additionally it is a very well thought out facility...pleasing to the senses conducive to a peaceful environment. Like being on a restful vacation.
Bob Barrows
Chanda and Admin staff are absolutely fantastic! Everyone goes above abd beyond the call of duty to assist you in every way. Two !
Patricia Samuel
As a visiting vendor, I visit Royal Oaks twice a week and love the time I spend here! The staff is very knowledgeable and caring, and they treat the residents with utmost respect. All of management knows the residents by name and truly listen to residents and family members. Although I’m a consultant and not an employee, I get treated like part of the team. When I visit the residents, they feel well taken care of. It feels good to know I am working with a facility that values making a positive impact in the community.
Chiara Estrella
My mother is a resident at Royal Oaks Nursing & Rehab. The staff & admin have been very kind and caring to her. I am grateful for this as I want my mother to feel safe and have the best care. I highly recommend this facility.
Jane M.
Very clean and neat operation employees were very helpful and well trained. All staff was very pleasant to work with!
Robert Stair
Excellent place for therapy. The nurses and staff are very professional. I really enjoyed my stay and would highly recommend this facility
Cheree Skyers
I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Royal Oaks and the staff were exceptional!
Patricia Lemois
Royal Oaks Nursing and Rehab is an excellent place. You can expect fantastic rehab in a friendly clean atmosphere. You will have a Care Connection meeting scheduled for an opportunity to meet all the manager and receive their contact information. The administrator and DON will provide you with their personal cell phone #. They treated us with respect.
Reggie Reed
I needed rehab because I had a fall which resulted in me breaking my leg, hip, and arm. After spending several weeks working with the therapy team here at Royal Oaks, I have been able to use a walker again to walk a reasonable distance and I feel they have gone ABOVE and BEYOND the call of duty. I was I itially concerned that I wouldn't be able to walk again, and thanks to the AMAZING therapy team...I am even able to take steps on my own. Would also like to mention the outstanding nurses and care that I received as well. This is truly a 5 star organization!
Gaylord Schiber
wonderful Care,and, caring! Will ALWAYS recommend Royal Oaks! AND Therapist's know their job!! I Thank YOU ALL!
Judi Collett
My sis has been at Royal Oaks for a week, it’s great to walk in her room and she her smiling, she tells me how great the staff are. The facility is clean with caring staff. They have made sure my sister has puzzles and reading material to keep her entertained other than TV. This is a temporary stay for my sister and our family feel comfortable that she is safe and well taken care of with her physical therapy .
Denny Rodenbaugh
My Spouse was at Royal oaks for 6 weeks. Everyone, management and staff, was cheerful and helpful in every way. Every request I made was answered with a positive reply and a smile. Thank you all.
Frank Blaylock
Stacey in admissions is so nice and helpful
T roy
Royal Oaks is the best skilled nursing facility I have had the pleasure of working with. They have caring, consistent staff, and very involved servant leadership. Definitely where I would recommend for my family!
Kim Lundquist
I have been a employee at Royal oak nursing and rehab center for 27 years. Working at Royal oak has been a pleasure within the 27 year. All the way up to the corporate office all the way down to the administration that we currently have in the facility. It truly is a wonderful place to be employed
Ronald Seibles
I just wanted to say that my Mom loves Royal Oaks Nursing and Rehabilitation. Everyone is so friendly and supportive. And if we have a concern, they will listen to you and they will take care of that need. My mom loves the staff, she loves going to there Bible study. They do all kinds of activities. She loves the food,and has gained weight. I want to thank everyone personally for doing a great job. And the place is clean. When I see my mom happy it makes me happy and gives me peace of mind. Blessings to everyone. Trish.
Patricia Bayesa
I was very recently hired sight unseen by the administrator after speaking on the phone for only 45 minutes total. He hadn't even reviewed my resume prior to reaching out to me. He had confidence in my abilities so I've jumped off the deep end. We've relocated 1700 miles within 2 1/2 weeks of that job offer. Royal Oaks is an incredible facility. All members of the management team personally meet and greet every person and family on admission. They are wholly invested in the best experience and clinical outcome possible. I've worked for only 3 days after the 1700 mile drive and I can't wait to return on Monday!
Glynnis Libby
The care given here has been excellent. The PT is outstanding. We have found the staff to be concerned and helpful. They take excellent care of Jim. They have entertainment for the folks on a regular basis. The facility is constantly being cleaned, thus no odor. We go into the garden regularly where shaded areas help with the heat. Being able to eat in the dining room is a plus. Many patients enjoy getting together over meals. The activities staff works very hard to entertain the residents. Needless to say, the ice cream is a favorite. Management is quick to respond to needs, and the lovely ladies at the reception desk are very kind. It would be impossible to mention all the names of the super folks who work there, but we appreciate everything.
Valerie Plotkin
This place is horrible, they do not care about their patients or the families. The staff was completely rude and talks down to people. Many times the “help” lights are lit up, meaning patients need help, and although they’re at the nurses desk hanging out and talking the patients go without help for 20-30 min and more. And then they yell at you for why you didn’t call for help sooner. . If you’re understaffed then don’t accept as many patients. You’re dealing with human lives. . Also, specifically Pam the nurse is an awful human being.
Tamara Ann
I was here approximately 3 weeks for rehabilitation after a fall at home (busted pelvis.) The staff was excellent, they all treated me with respect and empathy. I can not complain about anything I experienced while here. Thank you to, Sarah, Barbara, Shawn, Rosa, Kimberly and several others. Also thank you to my physical therapist group, Erica, Nicole, Nelson,Paul and Brandon. I will be back to see you guys soon.... just to visit!!! Thank you All again for everything
Thomas Mansfield
My Great Aunt is in this facility and they take good care of her. She has ongoing health issues and after I went to visit, I was impressed with the care and cleanliness of the facility. The Covid pandemic has made it even more challenging to run these facilities. I appreciate the hard work and dedication of everyone who continues to take care of our loved ones.
I was there for 2 weeks for Physical Therapy after a total hip replacement. The nurses were very caring and punctual, but one. My rescue inhaler for COPD was taken from me. I got it back because when I need it, I need it NOW! Not when someone can get around to get it for me. Unfortunately I had to hide it or lose it again. The cna's, for the most part answered lights promptly. The only complaint I have is the food!! Terrible. Hopefully they'll do something to correct it! The Rehab Dept is excellent! I went in on a walker and out on a cane. Erica is an excellent therapist!
Mary Newby-Fleming
This is an exceptional Skilled Nursing Facility with very compassionate caregivers. It is very clean and it looks more like a resort! The Therapy Department is very good! I would highly recommend Royal Oaks!
Liz McKinney
I love, love, love the Physical Therapy Dept, phenomenal!! My team was Jody, Sam and Nichole, all went out of their way for me!! I didn't walk in, but I walked out!! Most nurses were caring and sweet, as were most of the CNAS. Would definitely use them again!
Mary Turner
I work there.We are amazing.I love my job
Lisa Ann Walton Alley
My stay at Royal Oaks has been awesome..The nurses and CNA's have been caring and very attentive. The physical and occupational therapy departments have some phenomenally gifted therapists that helped get me get back on my feet in record time. The staff as a whole has been accommodating, friendly and courteous. I will recommend this facility to anyone needing rehabilitation or nursing care needs. A+
Shreika Williams
Best facility in North or central Brevard
Nancy Bradley
you guys are my heros, Sasha, your incredible.. special thanks to the RNs, LpNs and Cnas that treated me for months.. please stay safe.
Craig Horton Sr.
Royal Oaks provides excellent care. The staff are so kind and detailed. The center is very clean and the rooms are comfortable. The rehab is wonderful.
Michelle Kelly
Amazing 5 star facility!! Awesome therapy and Nursing Team!! only place to be!!! ❤
Sheri Henwood
My 89 year old Dad spent about 2 weeks there after hip replacement surgery. I was very happy with the care that he received. The food was well prepared and the staff was attentive to his every need. I would recommend this facility to anyone that needs rehabilitation after surgery.
Steve McNerney
Hello, i'm an hour far from this Rehab and im still working here cause I feel appreciated by the team. I work for HCSG but they look me and my team as part of them not as a third party. Is a really good environmental and you can see people that really cares about the situations from day to day!! Thanks to the administrator Eric Mckinney to trust in me.
Katia Y. Pérez Gerena
I have been a receptionist at Royal Oaks for almost a year and a half. I have seen compassionate and caring nursing, an exceptional Rehab department and many building upgrades. The facility is immaculately clean and beautifully appointed, with a team dedicated to the welfare of those entrusted to us.
Dolores Tinelli
My neighbor was a patient at Royal Oaks and they took such great care of her! The nursing and therapy staff treated her as if she was family. The staff even visited her after she was discharged from the center. I would absolutely recommend this center for anyone who needs physical rehab!
debbie mckinney
Exceptional is best way to describe Royal Oaks. The building was clean ,The staff was very attentive and caring. They all wear their hearts on their sleeves. The therapy team was very thorough and amazing! Would recomend Royal oaks inpatient or outpatient.
Sheri Henwood
The staff was amazing and treated me like family. I toured the building and met with the admissions team who made having my mom transferred easy breezy. They are very knowledgeable and helpful. I cant put into words how terrific the therapy team was! My mom was stronger after 3 months at Royal Oaks than she has been in over 5 years! Hands down, the best rehab!!
Susan Torres
Wonderful, clean Skilled Nursing and Rehab Center! I highly recommend this center if you are looking for a Rehab Center!
Tom O'Neill
This facility takes good care of our loved ones
D Jeane West
My 93 year old Aunt is there now.. She is improving more every day. Great care and staff All remodeled. Couldn't have picked a nicer place.
Patricia Shearer Totten
Thank to the entire West wing staff! You were awesome at taking care of my mommy. You cared for her as if she belonged to each one of you. To the Administration and front office staff, your staff was amazing! I cant name you all by name, but Thank You!!
Alicia Harvey Phillips
My mother has been here for several years. She loves the staff! As do the rest of our family. They always have her ready for outings (sometimes a little late.. but we all understand!) Everyone is so nice! Some of the staff has gotten so close to our family we think of them as family! I'm so glad we found a good place that takes Good care of our mom since we are not able... I can't thank you enough royal oaks!
Holly Jenkins